About The Flock

New Media Marketing? Color theory? User Interface Design? Brain Storming? Database Programming? Copywriting? HTML5 Animation? Parallax Scrolling? Print Design? Social Media Campaign Management? Idea generation? User Engagement Strategies? More, more, MORE!!

Bringing a brand to vibrant life isn’t for the faint of heart. As luck would have it, the birds at Flock Marketing  have cracked the code! And now, the complex nuances of brand design bow down to a devastatingly simple process. Call us to find out how we can work together to make this imminently possible … and undeniably profitable.

Kevin Lane SkarrittKevin Lane Skarritt

Kevin’s Twitter profile describes him best and succinctly as:

“Chief Peep (CEO) of FlockMarketing.com, #SocialMedia junkie, web wonk, 2 Eagle Scout sons, husband, pilot, chess geek, dart shooter, & upright bass newb.”

Heading up this 19-year-old agency is a passion of his only second to watching small businesses succeed after adopting his innovative brand and social media engagement strategies.