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1. Mornings with NPR: A daily illustration for an NPR news story

2. Found Magazine: A daily dose of weirdness. A different “found” note, photograph, or letter usually quite bizarre but equally as funny.

3. Cassette from my Ex: Postings from regular people describing old mixtapes and the stories behind them. A nice step out of reality and back to 7th grade.

4. Hostess with the Mostess Blog: Frequent updates and always some interesting, cute, or just kitschy idea for your home or for entertaining.

5. Design Sponge: Most of you have probably seen this frequently updated blog, but it continues to provide quirky, smart design ideas.

6. Sketch Swap: A nice creative break during the day, submit your drawing to receive another artist’s while they receive yours.

7. Shop Modi: Funky pieces for the home that just make you smile.

8. Jonathan Adler: Another great online shop, seeing pieces others have created, makes you want to jump right in and make something just as cool.

9. Graphic Design Blog: Shares information about all things graphic design.

10. Twitter: Goes without saying, I always find someone tweeting about an interesting link or thought I can steal, plus I post my own, so they can steal

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