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In my bi-weekly(ish) scan through my account, I’m am rarely let down from being amazed at the obscure words and phrases that people use on the Internet … to find MY blog!… This week’s batch includes the following phrases:

  • Fishing Cliches
  • Elvis made to measure suits
  • Hawaiian Catchy Phrases
  • Swimming Leaches in Lakes

Now, I vaaaaguely remember using some of those words in a blog post in the past year … I mean, heck, it’s not too often that one weaves the word “leach” into a conversation or a blog post!… The interesting thing about this analysis is NOT the bizarre phrases that pop up in your analytics, but the rich variety of words and phrases used by people all over the world in their effort to find information on the Web.

Here’s the real point; The traffic to our Website has increased over TWENTY fold in the past 12 months due to blogging…. YES, the vast majority of these visitors are folks not unlike the person looking for Elvis suits…. However, I also estimate that the number of “real” prospective customers has increased almost five fold!
Consider this my weekly nudge to get you blogging if you’re not already doing so.… Don’t let this be “the big one that got away” … or get caught “up a creek without a paddle” (gosh, I just love those fishing cliches, don’t you?)

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