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Brand Nirvana is launching a fresh new idea and having the brand take hold from day one. Of course that would be a tough thing to do but there are some strategies. Let’s look at some ideas;

1) You could get a celebrity to give the new brand extra oomph. Someone like … let’s say … Bono, the lead singer with U2. Someone like that.

2) Get Major corporate backers to cobrand their products in the new brand line. The new brand would then ride on their existing momentum. Good partners would be companies like Motorola, American Express, Apple, Armani … you know, BIG names.

3) Another great idea (called causal marketing) would be to funnel proceeds of the new brand’s sales to a highly visual, charitable cause. We’d pick something like AIDs relief in Africa or tuberculosis or Malaria.

Let’s recap. To make a great new brand, all we need to do is get Bono to contact Motorola, American Express, Armani and Apple to get them to co-brand their products in an effort to help out with AIDs relief, tubuculosis and malaria. Easy peasy.

What’s that you say? Bono’s already doing that?!? Oh.

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