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We have all received customer service that’s soooo poor we were compelled to lodge a formal complaint. The next, not so shocking step, is to endure the employees rote, canned, emotion-less reply that there’s nothing in their power to do anything about it…. Their inability to provide service is compounded by the fact that they really don’t even care…. Worse yet, they’re not even willing to take the time to query what would make the situation “right.”… (heavy sigh)

A glimmer of hope shines through every now and again, however…. A. Hildebrandt recounts, on The Consumerist Blog, what starts as a tongue-in-cheek letter disguised as a customer service complaint to about their recent “Amazon’s Customer’s Vote” competition…. The post is long but WELL worth the read. Ms. Walker, in charge of Executive Customer Relations replied on behalf of Jeff Bezos…. Her reply, indeed, took thoughtfulness and (here’s the important part) TIME…. Time demonstrated that she cares … and time enough spent to demonstrate she has a sense of humor … and time enough to show she know’s what it takes to deliver exemplary customer service.

Bravo! Ms. Walker. Bravo!

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