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“Hello. My name is Kevin, and I’m an American Idol addict.”


There. I said it. Now that it’s out in the open, let me tell you about a site my wife discovered a while ago and shared with me this morning.  It’s an American Idol recap article on the Entertainment Weekly website written by Michael Slezak.

“Why”, in heaven’s name, you might be asking, “is this worthy of commentary on a brand blog?”  Good question. First let me say that this post is only really going to be appreciated if you’re an Idol fan.  If you’re not, please continue to read on, but the commentary is reinforced if you know what’s going on in the show.

OK … think about what makes great brand. It’s the creative process of moving a large(ish) sector of your target audience to feel powerful, deep, emotions about your product or service.  What better example do we have than the 10 of millions of raving fans that are weekly compelled to call in support to their favorite up and coming star.  Next, read Michael’s article and then tell me that he, personally, isn’t moved by this simple reality TV show deeply.

The real reason I was motivated to write this post was the quality of Michael’s writing.  This guy cranks out these articles within minutes after each show and the richness and humor that’s crafted “on the fly” is astounding.  We should all aim to write as well as he with our best, time-intensive efforts.  I, personally, will leave that level of writing to the superstar wordsmithes … and continue along my merry way with this casual blogging style. HOWEVER, boy to I appreciate the skill that it takes to write like that.  Bravo Michael! (… he says as he dabs a Kleenex to the corner of his eye.)

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