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Jason with the support system specialists at commented on my last post and said:

We have been blogging for about 2 months, so connecting with bloggers with more traffic is one of our primary goals.  To achieve our other goals we have determined that this is necessary.  Where the problem comes up is getting other bloggers to accept a trackback without posting something directly related to what their post was about.  So it’s a battle, as you mentioned, to take someone else’s idea and “extend” it to make it your own.

First, thanks for the comment Jason.

There are two BIG categories of business people that belong in the “MUST BLOG” category;  Local service businesses and niche service businesses.  This is not to say that other businesses won’t benefit from blogging, it’s just that these types of businesses are completely missing out on a huge marketing advantage if they aren’t blogging.  Mostly, the decision to not blog is due to a lack of education or a deep fear.

In these cases, I try to educate the client that the biggest reason for them to blog (other than the insane, cost-effective improvement to their site traffic) is they’ll be come “better” business professionals.  By taking up the challenge of extending someone’s idea …€” as difficult as it may be at first …€” a business person will;

  • learn more
  • network more
  • be more visible
  • grow more
  • succeed more

What more could you ask for?!  We all wish you and your team the best of luck Jason! … EXTEND!!!

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