Peter Newfield

Kevin is, in my opinion, one of the finest Web Developers in the industry. He has created a number of my sites, all of which are doing very well. His creative flair is uncanny. He just [...]

Anthony Toohey

Kevin is a high quality individual and a very talented web designer. He has handled four different web design projects for me over the past few years, and will soon embark on a fifth. Each one [...]

Louise Kursmark

Kevin has been an extraordinary partner at several critical stages of my business. He brings clarity and creativity to very complex issues – defining a brand, crystallizing a vision, and [...]

Deb Carbone

Kevin Skarritt is an extremely bright, high energy, talented and savvy business person. He continually stays on top of new technology and marketing trends. He is an excellent presenter and [...]

Susan Whitcomb

Incredibly Creative … Infinitely Strategic! Kevin is a rare combination of left and right-brain insight/creativity and action/results. He’s created several web sites for my companies over the [...]

Kathy Simmons

Kevin worked with on multiple iterations of our website over the years, including 10 “Best of the Web” accolades from Forbes Magazine. It is always a pleasure working [...]