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Think back. Waayyyyyyyy back. There may have been a time when, as a child, you had a security blanket. Call it your bunckie, your bubby, your woobie, Rex … whatever it was, you likely gave it a special name and it gave you an ever so wonderful feeling in return. It was warm and fuzzy (especially right after it got out of the dryer). You always felt safe and secure when it was with you, which was almost always. The bond you had made you feel as if something bad would certainly happen if you didn’t have it close at hand. Your woobie never passed judgement, never let you down and required very little compared to what you got back. This was a magical connection for sure.

Question; How do YOU become a security blanket?

In a powerfully short read, Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles outline how to create “Raving Fans” out of your customers. One of their core ideas is that it’s not OK to settle for “good” customer service. To create raving fans, you must go way beyond the extra mile. You have to give your customers specific reasons to pass along your praises by word of mouth – to become evangelists.

Here’s my tip. Read the book but instead of seeing this as an exercise of creating great customer service, define the task at hand as becoming the security blanket. Foster that warm and fuzzy feeling. Make it so your clients can’t live without you. Do that, then you’ve succeeded. As a bonus, there’s a wonderful prize at the end of this journey. If you succeed at becoming the security blanket, you’ll find you feel the same about the client. You’ll be willing to do more for them. The delivery of service will seem less like a chore. The work you do for them will seem to go faster and you’ll have a deeper sense of fulfillment and appreciation.

Good luck with this process! However, watch out for those fabric softener sheets! They’ll stick to you as you climb out of the dryer.

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