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Commenting on Google’s approach to their initial biz dev, Seth asks “Was Google Right?” … and then tells us:

… they made counter-intuitive decisions. No ads, for example. No
clutter. No popups, no tricky interpretations of privacy policies.
Instead, every decision was, “If this is going to be the one and only
choice, the best search engine in the world, what should we do?” The
feeling was, if they built that, the money would take care of itself.
And the investors who bought in were in on the game from the start.

Did they get lucky? You bet. Did it seem arrogant? Sure. But my
point is that if they hadn’t made those decisions, they would have
certainly failed.

A la “The Law of Attraction”, is there any other way to think that will lead to wild success? Nope.

In your mind, are you positioning your company to be the best of the best without ANY competition? OR, are you getting mired in your competitor’s latest tactic, or figuring out how you can incrementally improve your product to boost sales a bit? If you plan on succeeding a little bit, that’s exactly what you’ll do. If you plan on succeeding wildly … ditto.

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