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Name Game #11

Ever been to one? Some people would never be caught dead in a consignment shop because of the stigma of rummaging through and buying other people’s discarded “stuff.” Too bad for them! Yes, you do have to wade through a lot of junk but sometimes you find a REAL gem.

There’s an online equivalent for finding domain names. It’s like a big bin of old domain names that people once found worthy of purchasing, but have since allowed the name to be released back onto the open market. One such site is Follow these suggestions to get a great domain name;

  • Starts with and Ends with: generally, leave these blank
  • Domains should contain (first field): input ONE keyword
  • Contains ONLY words: Checked … leave the others unchecked
  • Minimum length: 10 characters
  • Maximum length: 50 characters
  • Domain availability: “Deleted” within: last 90 days
  • Uncheck all extensions except “.com”
  • Click on “Show the Domains”

When the list of domains gets displayed, understand that this doesn’t mean they’ll all be available. Some of these names may have been released a month or more ago and some clever cookie could have jumped on it the next day to buy it. What I do is start checking off the “select” boxes for ANY name that has even remote potential. First create a list of a few dozen names, then go to a domain name registrar to see if they’re available (I like using for this process.) You can always go back to find more later.

Side benefits of using a service like this are the tangents on which it will likely take your thinking. Take this benefit up a notch by inputting your “related phrases” from Name Game #2 and #3 to get some really interesting names. Because you have hundreds of phrases, this may take a while but it’s well worth it because of the richness of what you’ll find.

While rummaging, keep in mind that you’ll have a need for alternate domain names for products, services, marketing & advertising initiatives, etc. If you find a GREAT name that’d be good for a product, but not for your company, BUY IT. I am personally on a long list of people I know who found a great name, didn’t buy it right away and discovered it was unavailable the next day! ARRRRGH! Believe me, nothing is more frustrating. If I turn you into a domain name junkie like me, I’ll consider my work done.

“Hi. My name is Kevin and I’m a domain-name-aholic.” … “HI KEVIN!”

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