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I’m sitting in the audience at The New Marketing Summit!  Eating my own dog food … Tweeting … Blogging … iPhone pics … Google searches … etc.  Having a blast, meeting people, learning loads!
David Meerman Scott gave the first keynote and gave some insight into the ideas coming out in his new book “A World Wide Rave” (David later assured me it’s hitting Amazon in March).  During his talk he gave us his SIX key concepts from the book.  They are:

  1. NOBODY cares about your products
  2. NO coercion required
  3. LOSE control
  4. PUT DOWN roots
  5. CREATE triggers that encourage people to share
  6. POINT the world to your (virtual) doorstep

Big ideas, for sure, but it’s David’s insight into each that’s going to land this new book firmly on my “must read” list.  Can’t wait until March!

Just for fun, David used one of my favorite quotes in his slide deck…

“You must unlearn what you’ve learned.” — Yoda

Thanks for even more great stuff David! (P.S. LOVE the rooster graphics)

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