In Einstein-esque, Idea Mashing

Let me start with my favorite quote of all time….

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~Albert Einstein

With that said, I understand that, for some people, getting into a creative groove is PAINFULLY difficult at times.  People who experience this feeling too often may give up completely and label themselves as “not-the-creative-type.”  To me, this is sad … because we’re ALL creative.  You just have to know how to get those creative mojo-juices a-flowin’!!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Break the rules.  ALL of them.
  • Listen to a different kind of music than you usually do.
  • Read poetry. (yes, Dr. Seuss counts)
  • Get input from family and friends … brainstorm!
  • Take long walks.  Spend at least one full day each month appreciating the world in which you live.
  • KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! (there’s a reason why that one is in all caps!)
  • Make mistakes. LOTS of them.  Better yet, allow yourself to make mistakes without all of that negative-self talk afterwards.
  • Get sleep.
  • Learn to PLAY music.
  • Have a blast with everything you do!  If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!
  • Go with the flow.
  • Write your ideas down.  Especially those that come to you in the middle of the night.
  • Keep the spaces around you uncluttered.
  • Think deep thoughts.
  • Think different-ly.  If something should be red, try green. Hells-bells, try neon-squished-bug-green!! If big, then small.  If left, then right.  You get the idea. Which leads to the next one…
  • Don’t “should” on yourself.  There are few things in life that you SHOULD do.  Getting caught in too many “shouldy” ruts will kills your creative, alternative thought processes.
  • A couple of times a year (at least), do a craft project; paint, origami, whittle wood, macrame, clay sculpture, photography … it doesn’t matter.
  • Be persistent.  Finish things you start.
  • Surround yourself with creative people.  Yep, it’s that old “Law of Attraction” thing.
  • Shake things up.  It’s great to have a routine but it’s also okay to break the routine just for the heck of it.
  • Love passionately!
  • Switch modes.  If you spend all day on the computer, do things analog for a change.  If you spend too much time around people, take a day to sit in a forest.

… and, here’s my favorite ‘creativity’ enhancing tip of all time;

  • MASTER MASHUPS!: Take EVERY opportunity you have (this might be several times a day) to mash two ideas together.

Some examples of this last one;  Scraps of paper + a bit of rubber cement = PostIt Notes.  Or this….


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