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In our freebie marketing report Go Nuts in 2007 we talk about taking your brand and marketing to a whole new level (assuming you want your business to do better in 2007 than it did in 2006). A more fundamental question crossed my mind this past weekend while waiting for a plane at LaGuardia. The question is not “do you WANT to do better in 2007?” … more to the point, it’s “are you mentally READY to do better in 2007?” Some business owners want to do better simply to make more money (nothing wrong with that), however, this is without consideration to what state of mind will best allow them to get there.

Here’s what happened at the airport: We were delayed due to weather and were stranded for over four hours. My friend pulled out a Soduko puzzle to while away the time. I commented that I had tried them and didn’t really find them enjoyable. He insisted that I try another one but gave me a difficult one. I was immediately stumped and had to be walked through some of the more advanced logic. OK, I got hooked. With extra time, we started talking about these types of mental exercises and had a lengthy discussion of how they change your overall outlook AND mental health.

Shankar Vedantam writes in the Washington Post that a new study conducted by JAMA, again, supports the long standing knowledge that exercising your brain decreases the likelihood that you’ll suffer from brain capacity decline such as Alzheimers. Good news, indeed!

In an unrelated blog post, Seth Godin made a casual observation of the behavior of several people and made the comment that “Adults are the new kids“. In one case, he observed a fifty year old man doing card tricks for a store clerk. My suspicion is that this gentleman has a much more youthful outlook on life, has a lower stress level and will live longer than the average CEO.

The point? To be at the top of your business game, be sure to exercise. Not just your body, but your mind AND your attitude! PICK A CARD!

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