In Turkeys, UI/UX

From the Steve Krug “Don’t Make Me Think” files, comes a great UI/UX fail.

A gas station near my house asks me to:

  1. swipe my card
  2. hit enter
  3. enter my zip code
  4. hit enter
  5. approve whether I want a car wash
  6. hit enter
  7. select a grade
  8. begin fueling

Holy cow, all I want is gas in my tank! I don’t want to be forced into feeding your marketing database or have to decline upsells of other services.  However, it could be much worse.  Here’s a photo of a gas pump in upstate New York that does pretty much the same thing but also requires you to fire up your frontal lobe, read instructions and figure out a transpositional encryption algorithm … ONLY if you’re Canadian. Ugh!

UI / UX FailI love the fact that the gas station owners/operators posted these hand written signs on EACH pump.  You’d think that every pump collecting this data in every gas station near the Canadian border would have had to figure this one out.

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