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Seth Godin's GlassesIn the processing of picking out new glasses, Seth Godin involved his readers and did two things. I suspect the first was intentional and the second not. 1) He tied the process of eyeglass selection to the idea of font face selection. Abstract, VERY insightful and worth reading. 2) He also got a number one listing on Google in less than 24 hours for the phrase “book about picking glasses”.

In the past week I’ve heard three people use a phrase similar to “I don’t get blogging” … or “I don’t understand what all the fuss is over blogging”, etc. In each case I patiently go through the process of explaining why blogging is relevant to the world — especially the world of business.

Let’s consider a fashion designer who wants to carve out a nice little niche for him/herself. They certainly have the experience to start a blog, yes? … as well as writing an article or two? … and, if you compile all of this great content together, you get a book! Here’s my point; The opportunity of getting the #1 listing on google for the phrase “book about picking glasses” was inadvertantly scooped by Seth Godin, NOT consciously mined by a more obvious (and beneficial) individual such as an eyeglass designer or an optometrist or a fashion consultant.

Tip #1 — If you ARE an eyeglass designer or an optometrist or a fashion consultant, AND you have a blog, there’s no reason why you can’t be capitalizing on this concept … and a million other similar ideas. THIS is the power of blogging. Be the first to write that book! Become THE expert in eyeglass selection!

Tip #2 — If you’re in another industry, what are the phrases that may not be frequently used but, when found by a Google surfer, would position you powerfully in the #1 spot and drive targeted, hungry customers to your front door? Want to take a guess who’s got the #1 spot (no peeking) for “Creative Web site design”? Yes, indeed, blogging is powerful.

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