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Let’s say you want to connect with an “insider” at Forrester … or, you need to get the skinny on what the heck is going on with that whole MicroHoo deal, directly from a Microsoft minion … or, touching base with an eBay employee directly is necessary to score that killer deal on that Darth Vader replica mask.  You’ve heard the old adage that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  Getting connected online to make these kinds of business power plays has never been easier!

Here’s a tip.  Sign up for a free Twitter account and start networking.  NO, you probably won’t “get it” right away… I know I didn’t.  In fact, I still consider myself a newb but am quickly realizing that Twitter can be one of the most powerful networking tools around.

Tip TWO (don’t you love a two-fer?): Go to the Twitter Packs website and find whole groups/companies who are actively tweeting (yes, that’s a verb) inside the companies listed above — including Acorn Creative, and many more! Follow a bunch of those insiders and they’ll likely follow you back.  After a short while, if you’re both serious about this, the germ of a real business relationship will start to form — one that would never have existed before.  Voila!, you now have the inside scoop and a potential “deep throat” connection with that company.  Kinda makes you feel like Woodward and Berstein.

While you’re at it, click on the Acorn Creative Twitter Feed Page (thanks to Howard for putting this together) and see what’s up inside the nut house!

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