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22 Haunted House Reactions to Pee Your Pants With Laughter”  was the title of a Mashable blog post I just read.  The actual purpose of this post might seem a little ‘off’ at first blush but go with me.  As I’m reading the post, my brain queued up the question, “WHY did you click through (engagement) to this post in the middle of a busy day?”

Then, it dawned on me … there are SEVERAL reasons;

  1. I love Halloween and, especially, haunted houses!
  2. The title included a reference to photos/reactions — ones which I’d definitely want to see.
  3. The title included a number (not too few, not too many.)
  4. The title engaged me by vividly describing the experience I was going to have!
  5. The post had a featured image which powerfully conveyed the tone of the content.
  6. The post was from a respected source that I frequently visit.  (blog love and kudos to Mashable!!)

The point of this post?  Learn to engage from master bloggers by keeping your brain OPEN to these types of lessons.  If you carefully watch what YOU engage with, you’ll likely discover ideas on how your content can be more engaging to your network.

Full disclosure:  I’m not terribly disappointed that the post didn’t live up to it’s claims.  I didn’t actually pee my pants.

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