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We’ve been feverishly putting the final touches on a new niche social networking system for Real Estate Investors for several months now…. In that time frame, and between the mundane day-to-day tasks, there has been an amazing series of epiphany, bolt-of-lightning-like, new business concepts that have struck us…. Each revolves around mass-collaboration and taps into the relatively new trend of online social networking and social communication.

Our latest idea was SO HUGE, so monumental, so earth-shaking, it would certainly redefine the industry…. Not surprisingly, however, the challenges and hurdles that would need to be overcome, make it just a tad too easy to say “let’s just pass on this one … it’s a bit too much.”… The challenges included little things (yeah, right) like; getting a group of head-to-head competitors to tightly knit their businesses in a collaborative way … creating a new affiliate system that would take over two man-years to develop … huge technology issues revolving around security and privacy … you know, “little things”.

I was about to kill the idea …€” until I read Seth’s blog post this morning, “Always easier to just say, ‘stop’.”… … Sometimes I think the guy is a mind reader…. Spooooooooky…. … (Thanks again Seth)

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