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The design of your home page is critical to the success of your entire web presence (nothing new there.)… Jack Aaronson provides us with a post filled with great tid-bits…. Although I suggest reading his entire post, here are some of my favorites;

  • He begins with the recommendation that people should know your “brand”…. We couldn’t agree more that brand is the most important part of the home page design presentation.
  • Keep focused. Trying to be everything to everybody will lead you directly to being nothing to everybody.
  • Keep things un-noisy and relevant.
  • Use intuitive navigation.
  • Although Aaron doesn’t use this as one of his main points, he points out that when figuring out the depth of your product presentation, you should test it…. We think you should test everything to determine relevancy and to find out what’s working…. Use Google Analytics to give you loads of information and to help you make these decisions.

Thanks for the great post Aaron!

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