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I often hear about the “gamification of business” or get asked about HOW to gamify a product or service.  And, to be quite honest, this is no small feat.  It’s SO hard, in most cases, the client simply throws up their hands in frustration and gives up on the process.  True story!

Put on your thinking caps: 
If you were asked to create a marketing campaign that gamifies a hamburger, what would you do? Tough exercise, yes? And, you might be asking, “Is it even possible?”

The simple answer is “YES!” Check out this campaign called “Jump Burger” by the restaurant chain TGI Fridays

The benefits of this campaign are pretty straight forward but clearly oozing with sheer genius!

  1. The campaign is fun
  2. The campaign gives away something of value
  3. The campaign involves the friends of the customer in a unique way
  4. The campaign mashes together the two concepts of “giving away a burger” with “going up for a jump ball”
  5. (Here’s the genius part) The campaign incentivizes the customer to tap directly into their entire social network of friends!!!

The next time you’re in a conversation about gamifying this product or that service, don’t give up too early.  Knuckle down … be creative … mash ideas together.

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