In Name Game

Name Game Seven!

Which TV commercials are easier to visualize in your mind … Target or Walmart?  You likely said “Target” because of their heavy use of the color red and their immediately recognizable target logo.  If you said “Walmart” it was likely because of the bouncing smiley face.

Which ads can you describe … Apple computer or Dell computer?  You likely said “Apple” because of the clean, fresh, unique approach to all of their marketing and the immediately recognizable apple logo.

Tip Seven: Make your brand visual!  Look at any industry and you’ll see a myriad of competitors.  Some brands may have more “legs” for a variety of reasons but there’ll usually be one or two that stand out for you because their names are highly visual in nature (like Apple and Target).  Let me say that another way — being visual isn’t the only measure of the soundness of a brand but it can help make a brand stand out from a crowd (especially for people who learn visually).

Creating a visual brand is like putting fresh oil in a car.  It may or may not make a huge difference but it will more than likely make your forward progress a little smoother.  Make it as easy as possible for consumers to remember you.  Like we say here at Acorn Creative … GO NUTS!

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