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It was just pointed out that I haven’t posted anything up in almost two weeks…. Although this corresponds with me throwing out my back three times over the past two weeks, it’s not the real excuse.

What reeeeeallly happened is I got so busy with work, my morning schedule of blogging (while eating breakfast) was interrupted…. So, what does this mean? Why should you care?… It’s certainly not the end of the world BUT there is an eye opening factoid that may shock you if you’re an active (or wannabe) blogger;… My web site traffic has dipped for the first time in 10 months!!!!… Not a lot, but it’s a noticable hiccup in what was a linear, upward progression of monthly traffic.

Lesson:… If you’re going to commit to this whole blogging “thang” as a marketing strategy, one of the most important paradigm shifts is to write your posts on a consistant basis!

OK…. I’m rolling again and you can expect my next post to be up in less than a couple of days from now…. … I feel better …. how ’bout you?… 😉

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