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Today marks the day of my first blog post. I have many excuses why I haven’t started blogging yet – but today is different because I don’t have an excuse to not write one. Instead my excuse is just the opposite… you know how it goes, everyone has been there… You get into the office, turn on your computer and you’re just not “feeling it”. Well, that’s what happened to me on this Friday morning. And that is why I have dedicated my first blog post to my sources of inspiration. People think that designers always have ideas coming out the wazoo, but that’s not always true. “Designers-block” can get the best of us at times. So where do we so-called “creative people” go, when we are feeling, well, er… not so creative.

One of my favorite places to go is Smashing Magazine. It is a great resource for developers and designers. Daily posts include featured photographs, contests, freebies, design showcases, latest trends, and tutorials.

Done – Daily Design Workout is the personal blog of Jonas Buntenbruch. Each day his blog features a new workout – don’t start sweating yet – this is not the kind of workout that you might expect. His daily work out is “mini-design” that is created in 30 to 60 minutes as a challenge as a test to his design skills. This is by far one of my favorite places to visit, plus anyone can rise to the challenge of this workout – all you need is a fountain soda and deep bowl of buttery popcorn and your computer in order to participate.

Another web site that is a recent discovery of mine is Just Creative Design, which is a personal blog site written by Australian designer Jacob Cass.

Twitter is one of the latest trends in online communication – you can communicate and connect with people through the exchange of short messages. I like to check out web links that are posted by the people I am following. Inspiration comes in all forms.

Sometimes visiting blogs or web sites that have nothing to do with graphic design are helpful way to get new ideas, so long as they are visually interesting, that is. Two that I enjoy in particular are: Hostess with the Mostess and Design Sponge Online.

Of course there are millions and millions of sources for inspiration. This is a just a small sampling of sites that are old stand-bys for me. Good luck and get inspired!

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