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Are you trying to improve your twitter engagement? Do Klout scores matter to you at all?  If so, here’s a tip; Install the Klout browser plugin. After the plugin is installed and you return to your Twitter activity, you’ll see EVERYONE’S Klout scores next to their name! Very cool.  This is fairly new stuff so some of you may be asking, “Cool? Really? Why is it so cool Kevin?”

Things to consider:

  • Set a threshold (Klout scores around 10-15) below which you choose to not follow back. This will keep your activities focused on highly engaged people.
  • Below a certain threshold, consider NOT including that person in your Twitter lists.  Because your lists are limited in size and you’re likely sorting those folks out to improve your engagement process, it makes sense to only include highly engaged people in the lists to begin with.
  • Immediately follow back anyone ABOVE a certain threshold (Klout scores in the range of 45-55). Go one step further and put these people into Twitter lists.
  • Create a list of “influencers” … those with super high Klout scores (Klout scores in the range of 75-85)
  • Allow the scores to influence decisions that were previously difficult. For example you might be selective in engaging people who are not speaking your native language.  I’m not suggesting that you DO that, but if you are, your decisions might now be impacted by a person’s very high (or low) Klout score.

Here are the links to the plugins;

It’s just one more tool in your social media management kit.  Hope this helps!!

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