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This is one of those “you’ve gotta read it to believe it” things…. The online, discount product site,, posts a single product daily…. Super discounts make it worthy of your attention, BUT, I know I’ll be visiting it daily just to read the copy!… Here’s a snippet (from a post describing a sponge toy for office workers called the USB Missle Launcher):

In mere minutes, even the calmest workplace can turn into a blood-soaked abattoir of human misery, a cut-throat killing field where only the sociopathic and the well-armed will survive. Military experts say the war in Chechnya started when a pudding cup went missing from an office fridge. The USB Missile Launcher might be all that stands between you and total annihilation. Plus, it…€™s lots of fun.

Now THAT’S engaging copy!… Does your marketing copy reek of visual metaphors and quirky, story-like prose? … or does it just reek?

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