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It’s official.  If I ever need to be employed again, I’ve got a future as a CBO.  “A what?”, you may ask.   … A “Chief Blogging Officer.”

Read all about it in the Workforce Management article titled “Chief Blogging Officer Title Catching On.”  An interesting stat from the post; 11% of Fortune 500 Companies have blogs, up from 4% in 2005.

However, something not touched on in the article is the concept of blogging DNA.  After teaching many dozens of small business owners about the benefits and process of blogging, I’ve personally seen many take to the blogosphere like ducks to water, while others flounder around on the beach making little progress.  There’s a certain type of person that thrives in this type of communication medium.  If a large corporation can identify who, in their current team, has blogging DNA, they should be the ones to do the posts.  The Point to Heed: It would be a huge mistake to give the title to someone just for the sake of filling a role and not have the function fit within a well thought out marketing plan.

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