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An interesting twist on the “Explorer Archetype” …

New members of the Flock — brothers John, Martin and Michael Benoit — launched their new business enterprise after a brand and identity creation process.  After deciding to tap into the ‘explorer archetype’, they even went a step further and focused their branding efforts on the consummate explorer, Marco Polo.  Specifically, this focused idea resonated with them because Polo was a land explorer (not sea or space) which required him to interact with numerous cultures and peoples … learning their languages and customs.

To be a really GREAT leader, from their ‘vantage point’, requires you to know your audience, your customers, your team.

Check out their new name and their new logo…

Note: The three curves representing the three brothers … also reflective of three ascending peaks in a mountain range.  The best place to find a successful explorer? At a ‘vantage point’, of course!

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