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On-Page SEO in WordPressAre you interested in improving your on-page SEO? Consider having your website built using WordPress.  From what I can tell (and have heard from other credible sources), WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. And, even though it’s early roots were embedded in the simpler world of blog management, this open source powerhouse is rocking the world of web page development. More importantly, the world of WordPress plugins makes your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts a LOT easier. If you’re getting ready to launch a new site or if you’re not happy with your current CMS, consider a switch to WordPress.  You’ll be glad you did. Okay, back to the issue at hand — on-page SEO tactics;

A recent tweet by @the_gman, pointed me to a great article about on-page SEO tactics in WordPress written by “Daily SEO Tip.”  You can read the whole article for yourself but I’ve taken a few of the bullet point tips and digested them for you here:

  • Add keyword-rich title tags to all your posts.
  • Every major keyword should be inside an H1, H2 or an H3 tag.
  • Add a competitive keyword to your title and body description.
  • Add bold tag to your major keywords.
  • Add your major keywords in the first and last sentences of your web content.
  • Check your keyword density in your webpage (this topic alone warrants a larger discussion.)
  • Add an “Alt tag” with your main keyword to all images.
  • Internal linking from posts to pages and visa versa.  Hyperlink the keywords you’re focusing on for this piece of content.
  • Turn-on the PingBack and the Trackback options in your website. These will boost the free links and back links of your article.
  • Make sure you activate the “No-follow” option to the affiliated links.

Great list ‘Daily SEO Tip’ staff!!!  Now for a little professional commentary…

After getting a ‘heads up’ from the techie-guru Dan Rouse (over at, I’ve started using SEOUltimate instead of the SEO-All-in-One plugin suggested in the SEO Daily Tip article. Not that there’s anything wrong with the All-in-One Pack.  It’s just that, from what I can see, SEOUltimate does a LOT more.  I am, however, checking out their SEOpressor plugin recommendation.

Here’s hoping that your on-page SEO efforts are boosted by this little bit of input from a bunch of super-savvy web pros!

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