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ClickZ’s expert on Rich and Streaming Media and Tribal DDB’s SanFran Executive Creative Director, Dorian Sweet, posts a beauty about the clash between online and offline agencies.  Most laypeople don’t even know the battle is heated or what the relevance is to their own marketing strategies.  The most important comment (IMHO) in the post is:

Online advertising will change. And three things will lead the way: measurement, the idea, and the user.

Dorian continues to point out that we’re focusing now on the “idea” component and that the other two will quickly follow. I’m a product of 1960’s and 1970’s traditional advertising so I wasn’t around in the hay-day of early television advertising.  I suspect the process was similar.  The ideas shifted, evolved and changed direction as the industry matured.  So goes the world of online marketing.  Now in its infancy, there are few tactics that can be considered “mature.”  And, although we’re still in the honeymoon phase of development, it won’t be too long before we’re back to the real world …€” and that world will be completely different than the one we left behind just a few short years ago.

In support of this view of change, Dorian points out Nike’s recent decision to ditch Wieden + Kennedy, it’s LONG TIME agency,  for some of its running shoe business because they’re just too traditional and are not embracing this shift to the digital/online world of marketing.  This is a VERY big deal folks.

At the Global Marketing Summit in Myrtle Beach last month, almost every EVP-Marketing that we spoke to had specific inquiries about how we could help them become braver in this new world of online marketing.  Questions about blogging, vlogging, social networking, forums, etc., were the flavor of the day.  Even the presenters were orienting their material to this dynamic.

Sooooo, what does a business owner do with all of this?  The quick answer is “ANYTHING”.  This is the new frontier … boldly go where no man has gone before! (sorry about that … I couldn’t help it.)  Because there are few rules, the opportunities are boundless.  GO NUTS!

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