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Great for convenience … not so great for the drain on my energy level. I’m in Boston for three conventions at the Boston Convention Center; PodCamp Boston 2, VON and NepCon. PodCamp for myself, VON for our Client Iperia, Inc. and NepCon for another client (and new Brand Strategy success story … more on that later), Paladin ID.
Yesterday’s opening event was a fabulous line-up of New Media moguls, including; David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, Jay Berkowitz, Scott Monty, John Wall, Adam Weiss, Jason Van Orden, and MANY more. Over a two day stint there are 77 (no, I didn’t accidentally hit my 7 key twice) presentations in seven distinct topic channels. And the price one pays for such a star-studded extravaganza??? FREE!

Although I was hoping to get some of my Sybil-like personalities to attend events in other rooms, I ended up not needing to do that because co-horts Allen Voivod (Epiphanies, Inc.), Chris Forkey (Web Action Group) and Leadership development gurus Kathy and Louis Emond (Strategic Directions) are also in attendance. Not surprisingly, we DON’T have to compare notes because each of the sessions has been recorded and will be available by (duh) podcast.

Here’s a nugget from the show; I had the honor of chatting briefly with David (thanks for posing for the photo op) right before his presentation. Here he is showing off his laptop. Why should you care about THAT? David points out to each of his audiences that, on a per square inch basis, he’s willing to rent out ad space. By posting this photo on this blog, I’m hoping to “up” the value proposition to those companies who have already signed up! [wink]. The real point is that David, from the beginning of his presentation to the end, makes you realize that times have changed. To succeed, you have to “think outside the box” (that cliche was included as an inside joke to those who attended the presentation). Much of the material was from his fabulous book The New Rules of Marketing and PR …. a must read.

A little factoid I didn’t really care to learn about, however, was David pointing out that you’re tagged as being over a “certain age” if you find yourself typing two spaces after a period. Yes, even the rules of digital book publishing and document preparation have changed. Hrrrmmmph. That one may take some effort to correct.

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