“The power of brand – and the fate of your bottom line – ultimately lies in the minds of your audience.”

With many hundreds of small businesses, over the course of almost 20 years, as well as some big clients such as Novell, the California GOP, Stock Liquors, the Culinary Institue of America, and many more! Rock-solid messaging, creative design and execution. That’s our signature branding process … a virtual magnet for new business. And it works every time.

What you DON’T need
We could dump (literally) thousands of images here of the work we’ve completed over the past several years but that really wouldn’t give you the information you need. You’re not looking for a “pixel pusher” … someone who’s good with Photoshop but has no other real-world business experience.  Nor are you looking for just a hard-core programmer … someone who works wonders with a database but really doesn’t care how it looks.

We could go on and on and on with what you DON’T need. What you DO need is somebody who’ll dig deep to find out about you and your project’s particular needs … somebody who’ll create a whole new strategy of how you’ll connect (powerfully) with your target audience.

Some Case Studies

FiRE+iCE Restaurants

Here’s one example of a client who began with very little, has used our services to the fullest extent possible and has experienced ENORMOUS success in just a couple of years.  Although it has taken years to build up this amount of marketing momentum, the biggest boost to this client’s success came to them in our very first meeting — our brand strategy meeting.  This small (albeit international) chain of restaurants is FULLY immersed in the Jester Archetype.  Bold? —You becha!!  Quirky & Over-the-top? — Absolutely!! Fearless and refreshing? — Yes, indeed, like all great Jester brands.  From their playful logo to their spot-on tagline (Fun AND Delicious!), this small team of restauranteurs “gets” the importance of branding and is reaping the rewards of commitment to this foundational idea.

Mari Smith, International

Mari is ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the top ten social media gurus in the world.  She’s described by Fast Company as “the Pied Piper of the online world.”  Yes, Mari also gets what it takes to create a great brand and she has turned to Flock Marketing to make those brand visions come to reality.  For over two years, the team at Flock Marketing has had the pleasure of helping Mari launch each of her webinar and digital content products.  Each launch consists of; web pages/sites, ad banners, social platform branding, supporting graphic design and a host of other creative services. Each project has it’s own unique spin and flavor while maintaining adherence to the “Mari Smith” brand.

Loco Gringo

The challenge with the Loco Gringo site was differentiating it from a sea of other travel related sites while applying a fresh and HIGHLY visual design that has a more contemporary feel.  The client’s old site was hand-built using pure HTML and didn’t take advantage of some of the latest web technologies currently available.  The designers at Flock Marketing worked closely with the coders at AnimasWeb in Durango, Colorado to flesh out the wish list of this client.  The result is self evident … a highly visual immersive site that oozes the Explorer Archetype and draws visitors into the amazing world of the Riviera Maya region of Mexico.  Check it out.

Bonnette, Page and Stone

Often we will take on a project that entails the revamp of a long standing brand.  In this case, a central New Hampshire construction firm with a half century of established goodwill and brand equity.  The trick with this type of project is to bring all the power and consistency that we can muster to bear … without so dramatically changing the identity so people think it’s a new company.  The point we’re most proud of with the BPS project is how the brand archetype process changed the way they present themselves in the initial sales meeting.  By embracing the Neighbor Archetype, the BPS team is better able to convey a sense of trust.  We found that working with them was, indeed, quite easy and their brand selection was perfectly suited to them.

Of course, with almost 20 years’ experience, our client list is long and the variety of clients we’ve worked with is great… from micro-businesses to multi-billion dollar behemoths … product companies and service companies … hyper-local to international. Of course, your company is unique and your business challenges are unique. Give me a call personally to chat about how we might work together to solve the challenges you’re facing today!

Kevin Skarritt


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