Brand Questionnaire

On a scale from 1 to 5, please score the statements contained in the following pages.

IMPORTANT: Scoring is only valid if all questions are answered. It is not only acceptable, it is expected that you will score low on many questions. A wide range of answers assists us tremendously. If you find you’re answering with mostly 4s and 5s, and few 1s and 2s, please go back and critically evaluate some of your answers. Feel free to go back and change any scores that you feel need adjusting.

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My Organization/Company/Team 1 2 3 4 5
1.  Individuality of our customers is key to our processes
2.  Information is power
3.  Rules are not meant to be broken
4.  We strive to be seen as trustworthy
5.  "Out of the box" thinking is valued
6.  Value is built through the collection of information, data, and knowledge
7.  It's important for our team members to feel safe and secure
8.  We place value on independent, unrestrained thinking
9.  Research and development lead to essential discovery
10.  Systems and services should be easy to understand
11.  We encourage customers and team members to find their own way
12.  We support ongoing learning in our team
13.  We provide clear, easy to understand systems for employees and customers
14.  Expertise is critical to our success
15.  We help people feel unique and special
16.  We value simple "family values"
17.  People with an adventurous spirit inspire us
18.  We pride ourselves on our well planned, well thought-out systems
19.  We align ourselves with images of goodness and innocence
20.  Networking and getting out to meet new people is vital to our success
21.  Our experience and "wisdom" are important aspects of our product/service delivery
22.  Chaos in business should be avoided at all costs
23.  We reward pioneers and forward thinkers
24.  Our company values knowledge and education

My Organization/Company/Team 1 2 3 4 5
1.  People have a wild side that should be set free
2.  We act as a catalyst of change for our customers
3.  Productivity has very high value
4.  Our team members view themselves as winners
5.  Conventional thinking sucks
6.  Miracles can and do happen
7.  Winning attitudes lead to success in business
8.  Independence and individuality are important
9.  We pride ourselves and transforming the lives of our customers
10.  Our team rises to meet all challenges
11.  Radical ideas vitalize our team
12.  The future holds limitless opportunities
13.  Efficiency is critical to a team
14.  There is magic in life ... and business
15.  We have proudly built a bold and unique image
16.  Our team thrives on achieving clearly defined goals
17.  Our team thrives on taking great risks
18.  Our systems are flexible and responsive to our customer's changing needs
19.  We pride ourselves on our competitive spirit
20.  Revolutionary ideas ooze from our core
21.  Our team touches people's lives in a special way
22.  Olympic effort is vital to our success
23.  Freedom from authority leads to business success
24.  Memories are built from special, magical moments

My Organization/Company/Team 1 2 3 4 5
1.  Fosters a real sense of caring among employees
2.  Boldness is at our core
3.  Friendliness and neighborliness is important
4.  We have built easy to understand systems and processes
5.  Emotional intelligence is important to a successful team
6.  Brainstorming can be fun, safe and easy
7.  Fairness to customers and team members is key to our success
8.  Passion for products/services is vital
9.  We believe people should enjoy their lives
10.  Our team is seen as casual and unpretentious
11.  We see customers and team members as friends and family
12.  It's OK to be quirky, and different
13.  Our hallmark qualities are; predictable, steady, rock-solid, fair and stable
14.  Most businesses should "lighten up"
15.  Our team members are emotionally passionate about our product/service
16.  Strong work ethics lead to business success
17.  Romance is critical to a person's "wholeness"
18.  Businesses can be fun as well as successful
19.  We can be trusted in all things
20.  Consumers should feel special and beautiful
21.  Our team is seen as fearless, forward thinkers
22.  We avoid jargon and communicate in an easy to understand manner
23.  Our customers and team members are truly special people
24.  Our workplace is fun and filled with energy

My Organization/Company/Team 1 2 3 4 5
1.  We value creativity in all we do
2.  Our power allows us to dominate our market space
3.  We are caring, supportive and nurturing
4.  Our core strength is to be of service to our customers
5.  Designing products/services beautifully has high value
6.  We are respected and recognized within our industry
7.  We have developed systems of customer service
8.  Self-expression is important to a healthy team
9.  Our team prides itself on forging new directions within our industry
10.  We believe service leads to personal satisfaction
11.  Team members are encouraged to be creative in all things
12.  We are looked up to ... and enjoy this position
13.  Our workplace is warm and nurturing
14.  We have well-developed lines of authority
15.  We strive to actively build highly creative teams
16.  We value people who care about others above themselves
17.  We pride ourselves on how we develop products/services creatively
18.  Our team establishes benchmarks with most things they do
19.  We are seen by others as caring and supportive
20.  We reward team members for the creation of imaginative products and services
21.  Our team sets high standards for others to follow
22.  Employees are recognized for customer service
23.  Innovation, imagination and creativity are key to our success
24.  Control and power are important to our business success