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Martin Lindstrom writes in the Branding Strategy Insider, “Country of Origin as a Branding Statement.”… In his post he, insightfully argues that the “Made in …” label on a product can dramatically affect a consumers perception of quality.

Let’s take it to the next level…. What if the only thing you knew about the product was it was made on the West Coast, the Mid-West or the South?… If the product was manufactured in these regions, would it affect your perception of the product itself?

Up another notch! … What about States? California vs. Alabama

And again! … What about Cities?… Los Angeles vs. Missoula

AGAIN! … What about Sections of a City?… East L.A. vs. Hollywood

Locale definitely plays a big part in establishing brand perception and creating the right “tone” for the connection with your target audience.

So, here I sit in the beautiful Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire…. What are YOUR perceptions of Acorn Creative’s branding and creative design services? Will we ever be compared to a Manhattan Agency as ‘similar’? … possibly not, but that’s part of our brand.

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