Pop quiz! Would you rather:

  1. Talk about kissing?
  2. Look at a diagram on how to kiss?
  3. Make out with the hottie of your dreams for hours on end, then go back for unlimited encore sessions? (!!!)

If you chose “c” you understand, at a core level, the power of branding. Branding isn’t in the details. It’s not about the blather in your brochures, or the clever design elements in your logo.

No, no, NO.

Successful branding is the primal, penetrating, deeply emotional connection you make with your audience.

Which brings us to our process.

Yes, it’s fun. Wildly potent, too. And while we won’t be kissing you, we will get to know each other pretty darn well. It’s all part of our suuuuper top-secret formula for ultimate brand domination. Let’s just call it a three-part process:

  1. Chaos
  2. Order
  3. Flight!

Ditch the fear. Enjoy the ride. Ready?

The Chaos Phase

Think doodles, sketches, thumbnails. Think coffee. (And lots of it!) Think sparks-flying brainstorm sessions, reams of marketing materials strewn across conference room tables. Philosophizing, strategizing. Looking at the competition, then kicking them to the curb.

Hey – this isn’t about them. It’s about you.

Who are you? What makes you tick? Most importantly, what does your perfect client – or ideal audience – feel when your world collides with theirs? You’ll hear big words like “archetypes” and less impressive words like “huh?” and “woohoo!” At the end of this phase, you’ll discover one word. This is your particular anchor; your brand’s central, unifying idea. From here on in, all things flow. And chaos surrenders to…

The Order Phase

Creative momentum funnels into focus. Strategies emerge, concepts evolve. The cutting room floor is swept clean, and divine order leads the way. Logos, taglines, colors, fonts, style guides…your branding arsenal takes shape right before your eyes.

Wow! What really amazes you is how simply everything comes together, now that clutter has been eliminated, and the foundation’s in place. At this point, it all seems so logical, so purpose-driven, so right, you can’t believe you’ve ever done it any other way. No bull. It’s a sweet feeling.

Time to Fly!

Prepare for takeoff – your state-of-the-art marketing machine is ready to launch.

Unlimited touch points are the name of the game now. From the conventional (business cards, trade show banners, websites) to the unexpected (viral animations, high-profile publicity, multi-sensory advertising), all efforts reinforce the singular emotional bond between you and your audience.

You no longer produce marketing stuff. You offer up brand experiences.

And people like you. They really, really LIKE you! How could they help it? You’re delivering like no other, and they’ll reward you for going that extra mile. You’ve not only made an impression, you’ve made a connection. Outstanding! Our job is done.
(Until your next project, that is. And when that time comes, we’ll be here for you. You know the drill.)

Want a free-quickie chat about how we can help you?  Give me a call personally at 517-925-8045.  — Kevin

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