In The Junk Drawer

I see our client, PaladinID, got picked up by Yahoo Finance today with their announcement of their new fade-resistant flexographic ink.  OK, OK, I can see your eyes rolling back in your head after reading a phrase like “fade-resistant flexographic ink!”  You’re probably saying to yourself, “what could possibly be less cool!”  Oh NO, mon frere, here’s why it is very cool …

The folks at PaladinID recently discovered that, due to an aging and unsupported line of printers, there was no answer to the burning question, “How can I create a durable, color, variable printing, barcode label for use outdoors that won’t fade in just a couple of years?”  I know I’ve personally asked myself that question at least twice this week (not).  But seriously, think about it — how many things do you see labeled outdoors!  Dana Ritchie, owner of PaladinID, saw the cool factor here and hired a chemist to solve this very problem.

They are now the ONLY producer of fade-resistant color inks for use in barcode labeling of the hot, Hot, HOT “Smart Meter” industry (if you’re not sure what that is, please Google it. You’ll be hearing a lot about it.  Pres. Obama is pushing hard for these things).  Other applications could be outdoor signage, outdoor tanks, electrical poles, gas cylinders, etc.  The list goes on and on.

How would YOU like to be the only producer in the world of a necessasary feature for a hot, up and coming product?  Can you say, “BIG DEAL?”  Seeee!  I told you it was cool, Mr. Smartie pants!  [Bravo, Dana!]

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