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If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably already not only seen them but have taken measures to block, squash and delete them … the dreaded ‘comment spam’ message. But, like with all things nefarious, these tactics evolve not unlike a nasty strain of the ebola virus. A relatively new flavor of comment spam I’ve been getting many times daily is the “hey, very informative post” ploy. Here are just a few from the past couple of days;

  • As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you
  • Great post, while i as searching for blogs, i found yours on Yahoo , that was what i was looking for, great blog.
  • Great and Excellent article post, i was looking for this information on google while i found your info, definely i Digg your blog post ! Cheers , Collin – New York

Outwardly, these really aren’t that offensive except for a few points — hence this post;

  • The exact same comment is sent to multiple posts – grrr
  • The comment isn’t really engaging, informative or beneficial in any way to me or my readers
  • It just adds to the noise of the Internet.

My advice to you? …

  • Don’t fall into the same trap. Don’t spam via blog comments. Don’t spam at all.
  • Don’t add to the noise. There’s enough noise in the blogosphere as it is. If you have something to say, SAY IT, but please, please, please, consider the value of it.
  • View your comments on other people’s blogs as steps to a long-term relationship, NOT just a one-time passing comment to a stranger. Taking this view will serve you well in the long run.

If you have a comment on this post, please dive right in … with strong views, engaging opinions, ranting tirades, personalized support … ANYTHING but the spammy, generic crud I talked about above.

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