In There's Your Sign, Turkeys
  • Fear drives business owners to make some bad decisions.
  • Fear can blind a business owner to what is really important.

Combine these two together and you can get a deadly combination.   Case in point…

On a drive back to Central Michigan from Minnesota, my wife pointed out this sign for a local fast food  joint.  Seems pretty straight forward, yes?  Here are some observations:

Question: Did the company start out as “Just Burgers” (with the “& More” added later?)  If so, it’s an indication that the business owner was not able to stick to their commitment of delivering “Just Burgers” and felt the need to add to the menu out of fear;  fear of losing market share, fear of not offering enough variety, fear of not providing enough value, etc., etc., etc.   With a name like Just Burgers, I’d like to see a HUGE focus on the art of making the world’s greatest burger!  Not just some knock off joint that’s trying to please everybody by being everything to everyone — ho-hum.

Yes, this is a direct extension of a post I did in August 2009 called “Stick To Your Niche,” (which also included a sign pointed out by my wife.)  However, in this case, I was struck with more of a visual of the business owner making a poor fear-based decision… or series of poor fear-based decisions.  If you’re going to be so bold as to be a business owner, you should trust yourself … trust your gut instincts … trust that your greatness will lead to success. Know that making decisions based on fear is a direct path to the dark side.

I, for one, would love to belly-up to the bar in at a place that specializes in burgers and nothing BUT burgers!  Unique burgers. Outrageous burgers. Burgers with one-of-a-kind ingredients. Burgers with pizzazz!  If they add something new to the menu, it’s a new culinary experiment in their never-ending quest for burgertopia. When THAT happens, I want to be one of the first to taste it.   How about YOU?

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