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My post about GMs assembly line robot was misunderstood by some which led to my clarification that I don’t endorse GM’s decision to create such an ad … but do encourage that type of bold, emotion-based ad development strategy. They just picked the wrong emotion to tap into …€” suicide, dispair, fear.

Now consider;

Let’s consider that this trend may NOT be mass hysteria. There may be a logical reason for all of these commercials … whether we agree with it or not. Case in point; In September of 2005 VW fired long time Boston agency Arnold Worldwide and signed up (hopefully more aggressive) Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami. CP+B is known for taking these kinds of “in your face” risks in the development of ad campaigns. There’s no such thing as “bad press”, right?! As long as the ad gets talked about, it’s a sound approach. That’s dangerously logical.

As much as we believe in a hyper-aggressive, jolting approach (as one possible strategy), we also think the emotions you shock with are as important as the shock-value itself. Take another look at a CP+B classic;

VW Jetta: Safe Happens ad campaign

The emotion is “relief” …€” all summed up in the words cut off at the end of the commercial “HOLY SH..!” This shocker ad celebrates life … it doesn’t dwell on the darker side of suicide. Big difference, don’t you think?

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