In The Junk Drawer

Late last night as I flew back to NH from San Diego, I got to thinking: What can I blog about from my vacation?
Throughout the trip I found myself examining business cards, commenting on font selections, identifying process v. digital printing, hoarding paper bags and napkins with interesting illustrations or copywriting – all while my friends looked on with confusion. One encounter sticks in my mind, while attending a craft fair imagine the utter shock and disbelief I met when I overheard an artist say he did not have business cards – I had to turn and leave in order to stop myself from keeling over.  Overall I accrued a nice little collection of business cards, brochures, and about a million other little items, perfect for my inspiration folder.

I think I speak not only for myself but most other designers out there, you may be on vacation but in the end you’re still a designer. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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