In Name Game

Name Game Eight!

We finally come around (out of order) to my numero uno, most important nugget in coming up with a great company name (or tagline, or product name or service name)…

Tip Eight: Clarity, Clarity, Clarity!

This means no “cutesy” or “clever” names.  If you ever have to explain anything, for any reason, EVER, it is by definition a bad name.  To avoid this pitfall, don’t use:

  • Clevr spelling
  • Hy-phens
  • Under_Scores
  • MaydUpp Werdz
  • Perilously dificult to spell words

Heed the KISS principle … Keep It Simple Stupid (or any other final “S” word you choose).  Here’s a standard to follow;

Let’s say you’re standing in line at a grocery store and you’re chatting with an old family friend.  Gray-haired Ethel is 90 years old and has never used the Internet.  If Ethel gets home from her shopping spree, later in the day, she should STILL remember the name of your new gig.  Yes, it needs to be THAT clear.  If loving, caring, motivated family-friend Ethel can’t remember it, you can be sure that a large percentage of a rushed, uncaring, quick to click consumer audience is going to forget it even faster!

Don’t fight yourself! 
“Clarity” as the first rule will make the process of coming up with a fab name infinitely easier.

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