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Can YOUR company/product be the next hot brand of 2007? Learn how at The Learning Annex from the world’s HOTTEST brand expert … Paris Hilton!

OK, now that you’ve sprayed coffee all over your laptop and are recovering from that fit of laughter, please let me explain. It’s true, The Learning Annex has reported they’re offering Paris Hilton one Milllllllion dollars to teach a course in branding. You can read the entire article OR you can get the same chuckle I got from reading these snippets:

  • “Now, others could learn something from the starlet.” …€” I think they’re using the term “starlet” rather loosely, don’t you?
  • “For possibly the first time in her life, Paris is being asked to teach people to be just like her.” …€” This scares me … really.
  • “The educational institute has offered Paris $1 million to teach budding entrepreneurs her secrets behind branding.” …€” Paris has SECRETS behind branding! … are you kidding me?!
  • “… president Bill Zanker believes that the socialite is a perfect person to guide budding business owners.” …€” As opposed to, let’s see, maybe Tom Peters or Guy Kawasaki or Seth Godin … or even Bob Saget.
  • “She’s a brilliant entrepreneur. “ …€” I’m speechless … I got nothin’ here.

I recognize my disdain for this idea is showing through in this post a bit beyond “tongue-in-cheek” but the thought of Paris Hilton being seen as a brilliant entrepreneur and holder of branding secrets is simply ridiculous…. … Paris’ primary vehicle to fame was her leaked sex tape…. Then came her big TV debut on “The Simple Life” which was nothing but a nation mocking her naivety and silver-spoon upbringing.

These forays don’t make for an ideal brand strategy formula by any stretch of the imagination!… A sound brand strategy will connect with people, similar to Paris, but the tactics will be well thought out, CONSCIOUS efforts … not a series of random fiascos.

Could it be that The Learning Annex is just tapping into this next round of Paris-gate?… Hmmmmmm…. If I’m wrong, maybe my next logical plan will be to get jiggy-wid-it on the Internet and evade multiple traffic violations. Yep, that sounds like a sure-fire path to business success!

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