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Name Game #12
I have to admit, this one’s “borrowed” from Word Wizard Lani Voivod over at Epiphanies, Inc. I told her that I’d give her credit the first ten times I use it, but it’s MY idea after that! 😉

You’re working on a name and you’re hip deep in sample phrases … related words, snippets, jargon, ideas … the works. First, separately list all of the adjectives (come up with more if needed) and then separately list all of the nouns. Start mixing and matching them to see what happens. These unique combinations will help you to cite and incite your most exciting insights (that’s more word-smithing from Lani). Mash those two word combos ’til you find something great.

Example; Lani needed to name a new local writing group/club a while back. She started the naming process and ended up using this excellent strategy to come up with “The Wild Quills.” What a powerful name … Bravo!

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