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Yesterday, Seth points out that Real Estate brokers used to all charge the same fee. Not anymore. This begs the question, “what would you need to do to justify charging, say, 7%?” …. and, how successful would you be if you did that same thing but only charge 5%?.

Here’s a story; My wife returned from Belknap Tire and recounted an interesting story. She entered the store and the desk clerk took her keys before she was even able to set them down on the counter. After just 20 minutes she had her keys back in-hand, paid for the service and was on her merry way!

You might be thinking that it was just a slow day for them. Not so. There were 5 other customers who were tended to equally well. What about the price? GREAT! A HUNDRED dollars less than two other estimates. I’m not sure about your experiences but I’ve never been to a dealership and have been able to walk out so quickly.

Great service, great prices, attention to detail, great products, local and convenient. HECK YEAH, I think they’ve been reading Seth’s blog!

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