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Robert Cox, President of the Media Bloggers Association, rightfully flames Gawker blogger Ryan Tate. Although I found the post to be rather harsh, I can’t say I would have been less upset over the superficial research and hyperbolic statements made by Tate in his post. The reality is someone needs to work with the Associated Press to get this resolved and to get their collective heads screwed on straight. I, for one, am appreciative of the MBAs efforts to make the future world of blogging less fraught with legal entanglements. No, they’re not just self-appointed guardians of the blogosphere.

Why should this matter to you? If you’re going to integrate blogging into your corporate marketing plan (and you should consider doing so), you’ll need to be aware of the various copyright and legal pitfalls facing you. Until this situation gets resolved, the issue of copyright infringement is muddy, at best. Stay tuned.

6/20/08 Update:  Outspoken Tech Crunch voice, Michael Arrington, files a counter-take-down-notice after APs Business Writer, Seth Sutel, snags 22 words from his blog without permission … dramatically underscoring the APs ridiculous position of filing suit against bloggers who take snippets of copy from their stories.

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