In The Junk Drawer

A client who subscribes to this blog pointed out that it’s been more than a month since I last posted.  Other than a crazy mad launch of a new Social Networking site, a big-time scare where I thought I had a heart attack (and the subsequent revisiting of my life priorities), and the continued successful growth of Acorn Creative, the month has been pretty light weight.

I decided this morning to dive back into the blogosphere … OK, it’s less like “diving” and more like wading out into the shallow end of the kiddy pool.  But I am back in the game.  Hope you missed me.

Now for the post …
Also in the past month, I’ve given NUMEROUS training programs to clients on the use of Dreamweaver and WordPress.  The question always comes up, “can I add pictures?”  “Of course”, is the reply … and I proceed to tell them that there are any number of free or low cost applications that will allow them to resize, crop and save (pretty much all you need to do for blogging or simple page creation).

For all of you looking for an online app that will do the job, here’s a post from Mashable that reviews seven image editing tools.  Take your pick.

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