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Go back to Name Game #2 and #3 and you’ll see I suggested that the process involves quite a bit of list making.  In our most recent round of brainstorming, we came up with two full pages of concepts.  About 200-300 different words and phrases.  Of course the team jumped right into analyzing the synonyms, antonyms, idioms, homonyms, homophones, alliteration, rhyming words and phrases and started to come up with some really great names.   Let’s not stop there …

Tip Ten: Sleep on it.
Yes, there’s a reason why that’s an expression.  It works!  I’ve heard it called the “phoenix effect” … where your great ideas rise from the ashes of the previous days heated brainstorming session.  The point is that time (especially restful sleep) can give you a completely different perspective on any creative process.  Including name generation.  Consider all of those hundreds of ideas as seeds.  Overnight, the healthy ones will grow and evolve.  They’ll be different.  Before, they were just a pile of seeds.  Now you can tell which ones are viable.  NAP TIME!!

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